Encouraged by the success of Win-Medicare, another landmark joint-venture was formed to serve the healthcare needs of the country. Christened Modi-Mundipharma Ltd. the tie-up with the Mundipharma Group of Switzerland has further strengthened the Umesh Modi Group’s position in the pharmaceutical segment.

A rapidly growing pharma company, Modi-Mundipharma draws its primary strength from sound Research and Development as well as existing and effective formulations of the Mundipharma Group companies world-wide. Medical fraternity, across the length and breadth of India, perceives Modi-Mundipharma to be a pharma company that offers long-acting formulations in innovative drug delivery system in various therapeutic segments called continus Technology. Two well established brands in Continus Technology are Nitrocontin® and Unicontin-E®.

Modi-Mundipharma has also entered into in-licensing / distribution agreements with Zambon (Italy) for Monurol® and Fluimucil®, Sigma-Tau (Italy) for LevocarnilTM and Norgine (Netherlands) for Pegicol®. The Pain Management Division has successfully commercialized pain management products such as Buvalor®, Morcontin®, Dolmundin® and Dolofort®. Modi-Mundipharma has recently entered into an in-licensing arrangement with Anika Therapeutics, USA and Lavipharm (Greece) for Osteoarthritis and pain management respectively. These products would be commercialized in 2017. The focus of Modi-Mundipharma is to offer state-of-the-art and latest high-tech pharmaceutical solutions through introduction of differentiated products in the field of Asthma, Pain and Heart diseases. The company is effectively represented in the Domestic and South Asian markets.

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