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Today’s fast-paced environment and threat of diseases can rob people of the right nutrition. We believe that the right nutrition can improve lives by improving health and well-being of people.

Therefore, in co-operation with Signutra Inc. from the USA, Health and Nutrition division of Modi Mundipharma brings, an exclusive range of products catering to the needs of different age, life stage, disease and recovery, to India.”

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Manufacturing Facility (Modinagar)

Signutra is a global expert in nutrition, creating signature products for country-specific needs which are:

Custom-made for each country

SignutraTM products are custom-made for each country to support healthy nutrition. The products are meticulously formulated by international world-class scientists specifically for Indian consumers.

Adapted to habits

The products are developed keeping in mind consumer habits. We have adjusted our formulations so that consumers can continue to use just those 2 scoops of the product, like they normally do, while still getting the right dose to help meet nutritional gaps.

In compliance with local guidelines

Nutrients in each product meets the dietary allowances as recommended by local guidelines. In India, SignutraTM has a product portfolio fully compliant to ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) guidelines.

Exceptionally packaged

SignutraTM products come in convenient and attractive packs with a “Click n StoreTM” mechanism for easy use.

Science behind the products

The products are formulated based on scientific evidence to aid in recovery and wellbeing.


Our products are taste-tested by consumers and customised as per the specific palate of each country we cater to.

  • Our products are produced in the newly built state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility in India, validated and approved by our international technology partners.
  • We intend to deliver tailor-made nutritional products for the Indian market. But our ambition does not stop at this.
  • We are committed in becoming the front runners in the field of medical nutrition, by leveraging cutting-edge technology, international partnership and highly educated and equipped people.

Our diverse portfolio includes

Child Nutrition Supplement to support growth & development

GrovivaTM is fortified with signature nutrients to support brain development, immunity, growth & development, gut health, bone health, and fatigue in children aged 2-12 years.

#ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research *Nutrients meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR for children (2–12 years).

Balanced Nutrition Supplement
for Adults

MaxvidaTM is fortified with signature nutrients to support healthy nutrition status, normal hemoglobin formation, and immune function in adults.

#ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research *Nutrients meets the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR for Men and Women with sedentary lifestyle.

Advanced Nutrition for Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

VidavanceTM is fortified with signature nutrients that support improved diabetes control, manage glucose spikes and minimize overeating in patients with diabetes and prediabetes.

#ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research *Nutrients meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR for Men and Women with sedentary lifestyle.

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