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Umesh Modi Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerate in India, has made its mark in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics business. The group’s interests are also spread across diverse business ventures, the principal being:

Umesh Modi Group Verticals

With 30 branch offices, 18 production units and over 10,500 skilled professionals, Umesh Modi Group is spread across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The group also has two R&D centres and collaboration with 15 multinational companies that gives it a distinction of having one of the largest numbers of foreign collaborations amongst leading business houses in India. Mr. Modi’s approach to business has been largely conservative yet courageous. He took some bold steps and initiated joint ventures and alliances with European and American companies in the 1980’s when it was not as much the norm as it is today. The Group today has many international brands introduced in India such as Betadine®, HepaMerz®, Revlon®, Senator®, Rockford Reserve®, Nitrocotin® & Mederma®.

Flying high, the group continues to work hard and keep its eyes fixed on the goal to deliver the range of quality products.

The group has an annual turnover of more than US $332 millions.

Global Presence: The group is well represented through an efficient Marketing and Distribution network in the Domestic, South Asian, African, CIS Nations and other International market.

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  • Africa
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • CIS
  • Tajikistan
  • Asia
  • Cambodia
  • Nepal
  • Laos
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